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Celine designer has joined mulberry


Founded in 1971, Mulberry is a British luxury leather and fashion brand, designed and created leather goods, clothing, shoe track and travel goods. Its design headquarters is located in London, its production base is adjacent to Bath and is located in the Somerset area. The brand is committed to manufacturing in the UK, with two UK – The Rookery and The Willows, with nearly 700 skilled craftsmen and apprentices based. Mulberry is the largest manufacturer of luxury leather goods in the UK, with a turnover of 164 million and 122 specialized stores around the world.

Coca was born in Seville of the Spanish family in Paris, Des Beaux-Arts e Cole and e Cole Boulle learning art, architecture and design, is currently a teacher in central Saint Martin. He said his inspiration came from his passion for fashion, design, art, architecture, film and music.

Coca, a master of multilingual languages, worked at the accessories Department of Bally and Louis Vuitton, which was joined after 18 months of turbulence in Mulberry. He is now in charge of all the Mulberry series, including the garment, and will report to the Davis. Coca says it plans to continue Mulberry’s tradition of encouraging new young people to help build the next generation of brands.

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