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Mulberry has made high sales in new year


Sales began to recover last year after the company changed its former CEOBrunoGuillon strategy for more high-end brands. Guillon left last year, and last April was ThierryAndretta as CEO, who worked at Lanvin and LVMH. In addition, the famous French luxury brand Celine leather goods and accessories director JohnnyCoca will be the official director of the Mulberry next month.

GodfreyDavis, chairman of the board of directors of Mulberry (below), mentioned the company’s newly launched handbags Cara, Tessie and Alice. “The company has done a good job in products. The handbags we launched are consumer favorite styles.”

The chairman of the board of directors, Davis, said, “the price of Mulberry seems to be in line with the psychological expectations of consumers. This is also one of the factors driving sales growth. Mulberry has launched a lot of handbags priced at 500-1000 pounds.”

Davis says another factor that drives the growth of Mulberry is its investment in digital technology – consumers can go online and go to the store. For Mulberry, the increase in the use of a single order user on a smartphone means that it is not necessary for the company to run as many stores as before.

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