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British Mulberry enlarges the Asian market


Sales of Mulberry were 74 million 600 thousand, of which retail sales, including digital business, grew by 2%, although overall sales fell 1% over the same period. The company’s global digital business has grown by 3% to 10 million 700 thousand pounds, accounting for 14% of its total revenue. Although the growth of the local market in the UK is weak, Mulberry international market sales have increased by 8%.

It is reported that Mulberry is now trying to expand in the Asian market to stimulate growth. This year, it has set up a joint venture in China and Japan, and has opened a new store in Shanghai and Hongkong. “We want to become a more international luxury brand.” Company president Thierry Andretta said, “we do not discount sales strategy also achieved good results and illustrate our new design by customers welcome. For example, the Amberley package issued in July this year became a best seller as soon as it was listed.

“It is reported that Mulberry is currently concentrating on the promotion of the sales of positive products, reducing discounts. In each country market, the Japanese joint venture business shown tentative signs of success, the group has opened 5 stores in the local market; Chinese expansion is step by step, online business will be strengthened; the key markets in Europe and North America is the production upgrade existing stores, at the same time strategically refurbished store network, maintain store expansion limited.

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