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Everyone in Mulberry’s bag is loved and touted, and this is undisputed! But among the Mulberry popular products, two bags have become the classic of this season. The two most influential bloggers in China recently were invited to the Mulberry London exhibition hall, face-to-face with this season’s masterpiece Johnny Coca, which is part of the 2017 #BestofBritishLuxury activities. So, what kind of bag do they like best? Let’s see it together!

Both Hollywood actresses and royal princesses, they all like to carry a Mulberry bag. In Mulberry this season, there are two special bags that stand out because of their unique charm: the iconic MulberryBayswater and its sister Pembroke. In the spring of 2017, Mulberry creative director Johnny Coca upgraded the Bayswater bag style of the classic zipper series, and incorporated the streak elements of the college style into the zipper Bayswater and Pembroke.

Trying to change the popular elements of Mulberry Bayswater is always risky, but Coca creates the perfect new Bayswater series with clean lines. He showed the 17 year spring zipper Bayswater hand to Xu Fengli and Paris, the series of multifunctional zipper features, with the iconic Mulberry bag lock, a variety of colors to choose from, including all-match deep red color, black, brown, oak and red flame, and luxurious snakeskin and calfskin styles. The trumpet zipper Bayswater’s color is vivid and dynamic, including porcelain blue, bright orange and some neutral colors, with a detachable shoulder strap.

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