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Mulberry formally joined the fashion show reform


British Light luxury handbag maker Mulberry said on Friday, in September this year will be held in London and Paris only invited the media and buyers in spring 2018 series of closed door conference, and the conference officially in the series will be held at London Fashion Week in February next year, after the show can immediately buy new show. This will dramatically shorten the shelf cycle of the garment, which Mulberry calls “a global consumer experience”.

This sales model is similar to the British luxury brand Burberry. Burberry is the pioneer that show that buy mode, last February in the London Fashion week launched the first “show that buy fashion show, a big show after the clothing has been synchronized shelves in the store, the convenience of customers to buy (see” Hua Lizhi “Burberry” that show off: buy “wave, cutting-edge designer brand heavy-hearted).

“We have been working on providing a real, open way of life,” said Thierry Andretta, chief executive of Mulberry. This change allows us to continue to deepen interaction and contact with consumers. ”

He added that Mulberry’s “retail oriented multi-channel business” enables the brand to launch various products at the same time in the world to meet the growing consumption demand.

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