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Mulberry appoints new creative director


Sales to British luxury Mulberry recently announced that the vacant posts creative director for several days before finally settled, Celine design director Johnny Coca officially joined the Mulberry, Johnny Coca Celine served as the leather, footwear, accessories, jewelry and sun glasses series of chief designer, he will join Mulberry in July 8, 2015.

The former creative director of Mulberry, Emma Hill, resigned 18 months ago, and since then the position has been in vacancy. Emma Hill has designed Alexa and Del Ray series It bag for Mulberry to trigger a sales boom, creating a new era style of Mulberry. The upcoming Johnny Coca is an outstanding international luxury and fashion accessory designer, who has made remarkable achievements in Celine, Bally and LVMH group. Godfrey Davis, the president and chief executive of the Mulberry brand, said that Johnny Coca’s rich experience in international luxury design will help the company to open an era of innovation.

After the failure of Mulberry in recent years, the sales performance has declined continuously, and three profit early-warning has been issued in this year. The Johnny Coca signed the position of creative director, and the company’s share price has risen repeatedly. The market is generally optimistic and highly anticipating what kind of scene it brings for Mulberry.

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