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Mulberry cooperates with its major Singaporean shareholders to establish Asian branch


The British Light pocket handbag manufacturer Mulberry and its major shareholder Challice Limited have established a new company Mulberry (Asia) Limited, which is responsible for the group’s business in Hongkong, mainland China and Taiwan. The company will open its business in Hongkong on April 3rd (next Monday), and set up a subsidiary in the mainland and set up a branch in Taiwan. The mainland and Taiwan subsidiaries and branches will be put into operation this year after the relevant business licenses are issued.

With the establishment of the new company, Mulberry will also increase its marketing investment to the North Asian market. In addition to local marketing activities, Mulberry plans to invest about 3 million pounds in the next two years.

Mulberry will open four stores in the Greater China region (Hongkong and Taiwan, 2, 1), which will be the first opened a new store in Shanghai, Hongkong and Beijing’s existing stores will be relocated. In addition, the group will launch the official Chinese Web site to build a wholesale and multi-channel sales network.

The purpose of this new company is not only to increase the sales of the brand in the Greater China, but also to enhance the reputation of the brand in China. CEO Thierry Andretta, the group, says it is expected to gain significant growth opportunities in the region.

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