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Mulberry decided to cut the price of the product


As a world famous luxury leather goods brand, Mulberry has many big fans, in addition to like Sienna – Miller (Sienna Miller) and Kate Winslet (Kate Winslet) that there are many well-known actors, supermodel and first-line star had to select Mulberry as their luster. However, the high price is causing “as everyone knows, can afford” status.

Now the brand is to retain the loyal customer’s heart, and then decides to launch the product which is relative to the people. It has to be said that this major strategic adjustment is due to the pressure of two years’ contraction in brand profits and the fall of stock prices.

The former chief witness was the ten years from 2002 to 2012 Muberry brilliant CEO Godfrey Davis, now is selected as the company acting president, until you find the right candidate to succeed President. Former creative director Elmar – Hill (Emma Hill) left Mary last year for disagreement with other high-level opinions.

Although the situation facing the company is somewhat grim now, it is doubtless that the price reduction of products is the gospel of the people who love it, maybe it will have a wider consumer audience. Let us look forward to the magnificent transformation of Mulberry.

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